The Team

These are the people behind Be the Change Alliance and the people who have made the Women’s March Arkansas happen.


Gwendolynn CombsGwendolynn Combs, BTCA Founder

Gwendolynn is a mom, an educator, an editor, an environmentalist, a veteran, and an advocate. She is an Ohio native transplanted in Arkansas by way of Japan by the the US Air Force in 2001. She is the founder of Be the Change Alliance.

The WMA is the first event she’s organized, and she’s  dedicated to continuing activism efforts into the future.


Shelle Barton Stormoe

Shelle Barton Stormoe, BTCA Logistics Chair

Shelle has spent her entire career researching and writing about Arkansas’s history and culture. She’s always believed in preserving the diversity of the state’s culture. The 2016 election inspired her to bring her work from the ivory tower to the street.  She marches to inspire others to stand up for equality, liberty, and justice.


Jan Hearn Davenport Jan Hearn Davenport, BTCA Historian

Jan retired in 2002 from the Arkansas History Commission. She is Past President of the Arkansas Genealogical Society, having served on the AGS Board of Directors 1991-2010. Jan served was vice-president of Administration for the Federation of Genealogical Societies and was National Chair for the 2009 FGS/AGS National Conference in Little Rock. She is currently the Historian/Office Manager at Oakland & Fraternal Historic Cemetery Park.


Gina KhouryGina Khoury, Women’s March for Arkansas-Program Coordinator

“Be the change you want to see in the world” epitomizes the mindset of Gina Khoury.  Gina is an educator, trainer, and speaker.  Married with five children, Gina is an Arkansas native.  She has worked as a Development Director, Technical Software Trainer, public school teacher, and instructional facilitator.  As a multi-ethnic woman with a multi-ethnic family, her personal commitment to upholding and working on behalf of the principles of the Women’s March is of extreme importance.  GIna has worked in the community on behalf of education, coaches youth soccer, has served as a member of the UALR Alumni Association Board of Directors and in earlier years worked as an intern in the Clinton White House. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in both Speech Communication and Professional and Technical Writing, a Master’s of Science Degree in Educational Leadership and is a National Board Certified Teacher.  She is also certified as a K-12 ESL teacher and a P-12 education administrator. She views this march as an opportunity to galvanize the importance of standing together to work on behalf of ALL people.


Brenda K. Moore Brenda K. Moore, BTCA Organizer

Volunteer Organizer of BTCA and the Women’s March for Arkansas.

Co-creator of Be the Change Alliance logo, graphics designer for flyers, banners, lanyards and whatever else needs to be designed.



Cathy May

Cathy May, BTCA Public Relations Chair

Cathy resides on ten acres atop a mountain in central Arkansas with her husband who is a playwright, author, and professor. Cathy was a data analyst for over twenty years but, recently returned to school (at 58) to pursue her dream of working in the healthcare industry, specifically, oncology.

She has always been a passionate advocate for animal rights as well as the rights of all humans along with the conservation/preservation of our planet’s integrity. She is thrilled to be one of the founding members of “Be the Change Alliance” and working with kindred spirits to create a wave of change statewide, nationwide, and worldwide.  Her life motto has always been, “One person CAN make a difference!”


Darby Wallace, M.Ed, MLISDarby Wallace, M.Ed, MLIS,  BTCA Organizer

Darby Wallace, M.Ed, MLIS. Darby is a proud mom, bonus mom, and wife. She’s lived in Arkansas her entire life and her family has deep roots here. In her spare time, she chases the waterfalls of Arkansas.

Her work history includes public service as a county library director and legislative analyst for the Bureau of Legislative Research.  Most of her career has been devoted to serving in public education. She marches to make sure our voices are heard and to thank Hillary Clinton. She marches in honor of her 97 year old grandmother, her mother, and so her son will remember that his mom tried very hard to fix things.


Uta MeyerUta Meyer, BTCA Carpool Committee

Uta has called Arkansas home since elementary school and have lived in Little Rock since 2013. She is an environmental educator for a statewide non-profit. To help with the March,  she is dilligently working on connecting participants from across the state through carpool groups.



Camille RichouxCamille Richoux, BTCA Organizer

Camille Richoux is the Public Relations Co-Chair for the Arkansas Coalition for Reproductive Justice. She is a fellow with the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, representing the state of Arkansas.

She is currently pursuing a Master’s of Public Health with a concentration in Health Policy at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences.

Raised in rural southern Arkansas, Camille developed a passion for addressing health disparities in under-served communities.


Melanie KramerMelanie Kramer, BTCA Web Editor

Melanie is originally from Arkansas and was thrilled to be able to move back to Little Rock 2011 (and plans to never leave). Melanie has been working in media for 17 years and digital media for almost as long.

She is supporting the Women’s March by creating and maintaining the Be the Change Alliance website. She is passionate about equal rights for all and making a better world for her two children and all children. Equality is key!