Open Source Library: The Young Turks Podcast

Cenk Uygur hosting The Young Turks
Cenk Uygur by tytvault, via Wikimedia Commons

This week, we’re spotlighting another podcast: The Young Turks. TYT was started by Cenk Uygur, a Turkish-born American attorney, journalist, and progressive activist. He started the Young Turks in 2002 in response to what he saw as an increasingly corporate media environment, as well as the rise of a particularly dangerous strain of conservatism after the election of George W. Bush. Cenk has since founded Wolf PAC, a lobbying organization aimed at ending corporate control of politics, as well as (recently) founding Justice Democrats, a group focusing on instilling the Democratic party with an unapologetic Progressive agenda.

TYT Audio is a one-hour segment of their four-hour Youtube show, broadcast live each weekday. Each episode of TYT Audio is split into two segments: the first segment covers national and world news and politics, while the second focuses more on social and cultural issues. Like Best of the Left, TYT leaves no stone unturned and includes news coverage, commentary from a full cast of progressives, and even original field reporting. Cenk Uygur’s impressive knowledge base and fiery, high-octane commentary is not only informative, but inspirational. You’ll be reminded every episode of why you fight for the progressive causes you believe in.

**If you listen with small children present, please be advised that TYT is not your father’s news network. They are not tame, they are not neutral. They are openly opinionated, and harsh language is common. In fact, the watering-down of corporate media is a common topic on TYT. TYT doesn’t shy away from passionate–and at times angry–coverage of current events.**

The Young Turks have a lot of content that is only available to their membership, but the audio podcast is free.

TL;DR: The Young Turks podcast releases five one-hour episodes a week, covers political and cultural events, and focuses on corruption in politics and in corporate media. They also have a Youtube Channel. Explicit language.

If you want an easy way to download and organize podcasts without flooding your device or missing any new episodes, check out these free apps: Podcast Addict for Android or Stitcher Radio for iOS.