Special Thanks

Be the Change Alliance would like to extend a special thanks to all the special people that made the Women’s March for Arkansas a reality:

Gwendolynn Combs, BTCA Founder
Shannon Anderson Jessica Angel
Katie Becker V.L.Cox
Rose Earley
Toby Fair
William Gabriel
Ashley Hurst
Melanie Kramer
Cathy May
Brenda Moore
Camille Richoux
Hannah Tackett
Laura Generou
Emily Kearns
Kim Little
Uta Meyer
Karen Musick
Sarah Scanlon
Darby Wallace
Amy Barnes
Jan Hearn Davenport
Stephen Forrest
Debbie Goolsby
Gina Khoury
Miguel Lopez
Alice Guffey Miller
Sydney Rasch
Shelle Stormoe
Linda Stauffer
Little Rock Police Department
State Capitol Police

And the numerous other volunteers that helped make this even a reality.

We’d also like to thank the following organizations and business for their continuing support:

Democratic Party of Arkansas
Arkansas Public Policy Panel
Arkansas Coalition for Reproductive Justice
Rosalia’s Family Bakery
Arkansas Education Association
And the numerous other organizations and numerous donors.