BTCA Wants to Connect and Empower You

We hope this post finds you well after one busy week and before another. Please give yourself a pat on the back for any action you took this week. Don’t forget that this is a marathon and not a sprint. Take care of yourself in the process!

Big BTCA news for the week: While many resistance groups are focused solely on federal actions, Be the Change Alliance wants to connect you by interest and in action at all levels. We want you to connect with existing organizations whose missions match your passion. We want to connect you with other activists – new and experienced – who share the same passion. We also want to empower you not only to resist but to collaborate and act in ways that can be proactive, as well. As one Indivisible group leader said, “So, BTCA is more offense than defense.” Yep… That’s our goal!

To that end, we created interest-based work group space on Slack – an online project management platform. There are currently 7 work groups: Defense, Economy, Education, Environment & Energy, Health, Human Rights, and Voter Rights. If you are interested in working with others in one or more of these work groups to connect, collaborate, and act at local, state, and national levels, please reply to the most recent email in your inbox with the subject JOIN and watch for an invitation. Then join and read the channel descriptions to find out where you want to focus your energies.

Your upcoming week starts with a Facebook Live Town Hall Training, and there are several upcoming opportunities to use that training. Please make plans to attend! Log onto Be the Change Alliance’s Facebook page Monday at 8:00 pm CST.

Here is what the rest of the week looks like. Click to see more details.